Angel baby crochetathon 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

I wrote a blog post a little while ago about a lovely lady that had made contact with me about learning to crochet.

She came along to our Knitcraft social with her mum, they had a specific idea in mind about making clothes for premature babies.

It was only a few hours in when Sarah mentioned that her baby Fern 🌿 was born too soon, too beautiful for this world, just 5 days before.

She was born 23 weeks gestation, and just 1lb 1oz Sarah was finding strength in trying to give back to Warrington hospitals butterfly ward, as they had given her lots of tiny baby items for fern, but some of those were too big. Sarah wanted to make micro preemie, so clothes for a gestation age.

The picture below is a stamp made from a print of ferns tiny foot 💕

As a group we were all gobsmacked at her strength, we all had a little bit of a cry and decided we would help. So we set about arranging a crochetathon to make as many micro preemie items, knowing that these clothes would make a difference, having something pretty to put on baby and something that actually fits.

We found 1 blog on the whole of the internet, an amazing lady that designs patterns for babes at 8 week gestation to premature, Here’s the link sarah lives and works in Thailand and was home for a visit when fern made her entrance, so sarah has had to go back to Thailand, but we kept in close contact with Sarahs mum Susan, and the whole family arrived today, along with one amazing people that we only ever speak to on social media!

Prior to today @lyndascraftroom has been receiving parcels of yarn and hand made items from all over the world, people are so kind!

So today was the Crochetathon, held at Hobbycraft in Warrington, Hobbycraft kindly allowed us to move things around and bring in extra chairs and tables, we were quite disruptive as at one point there were 30+ of us!

Susan, and Julie (ferns nannas) packed the items and also popped a gift tag on every parcel so that the recipient knows where it came from

Each tag had ferns footprint on the back, Sarah has made all of these. She’s also been making beautiful boxes pictures and selling them to raise money for the butterfly ward.

So here’s a few pictures from the day and a massive thank you from all of us at The Wee Hookers group to everyone that donated yarn, crocheted items and to Hobbycraft for allowing us the space and the yarn donation 💕

It’s been a long day, but a good one.

In memory of baby fern 🌿 happy hooking xx


Knitcraft Falling leaves CAL!

Finally!! After months of work, the bundles are now live online Hobbycraft eeek!!!! And we’ve got a snippet of a picture

It goes live on 19th October we have a Facebook page set up Click here to join!

Happy hooking xx

I’ve left it too long again

But in all fairness it’s been so busy! I don’t think I’ve blogged since the end of August!!! Well we’ve been up to lots since then, that’s for sure.

We’ve finally finished the Knitcraft autumn CAL yayyy!!!!! Although I’m slightly nervous it might be a little marmite but it certainly different to anything we’ve done before. Hopefully I can share some pictures soon.

We had the September Crochet Sanctuary and it was fabulous!!! We had the lovely heather from @kcacouk host a fabulous workshop for us, we made the most gorgeous relaxing Ralph’s, they were so cute!!!!

We started our Friday evening with Wool couture Mabel bunnies!! I mean how fab is that?! Designed by petals craft and home Alison Holloway who just so happens to be hosting a workshop for us next year

I’ve pinched a few pics as I’m ashamed to say I’ve not finished mine just yet. But I will!! I’ve also bought Lionel the lamb from wool couture and Mr Penguin!

The next day everyone worked on hot water bottles designed by myself and @lyndascraftroom

Then of course the gorgeous relaxing Ralph’s !!

Then the Sunday consisted of finishing off items, it was just a great weekend all round.

On the Tuesday after we attended the opening of wool couture in Sheffield, I’ve liked wool couture for quite some time, since finding Mabel bunny, but to see their new store was something else, I bought Lionel there and a wooden wreath which is love heart shaped to crochet around, unfortunately they’re still in the boot of my car, according to Mr Wee House Of Crochet my yarn addiction is getting out of hand 🙄🙄🙄.

Anyway!! We were back again at wool couture the Saturday after for a workshop on macrame! I’d never tried it before but I remember my mum making owls with conkers as eyes when I was tiny, how I don’t know because she’s soooo not a craft person! We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop hosted by Claire

I would definitely recommend a workshop there, and David make the most amazing scones!!!! The price was so reasonable and what I really liked was that it was due to finish at 13:00, but Claire just carried on she did ask if anyone minded, which was great because I half expect at these workshops to be finished dead on the dot, but we carried on until we’d finished.

Whilst I was there I noticed Mr Penguin, even though Lionel was still in my boot! Mr Penguin wasn’t for sale so we thought they might of been waiting for yarndale, and they were!!!!!

Because on Sunday just we attended yarndale!!! Told you we’d been busy! We even got some cheesy crochet Sanctuary hoodies made up for it ha!!!!

Yarndale was good, we still had trouble parking, I think next time we’ll just head for the park and ride

We met poleivie!! And I got a gorgeous hook from her stand

Plus Mr Penguin, it was a good couple of hours out and fab to see some of our fellow hookers!!

So the CAL was posted yesterday to Hobbycraft yayyy!!! Which means I can finish some wip and finish planning for November which is going to be phenomenal!!! We’ve also got our one of Christmas 1 day special in December by the way we’ve still got one of those available if anyone wants it……..Book here and!!! We are also hosting a morning and afternoon workshop for amanda blooms big sale in altrincham, which we are really excited about!! I think there might be 3 spaces left! Book here! It’s £5 to get in and proceeds go to The brain tumour charity in memory of Jenny, then if you want try our workshop it’s an additional £10, and it’ll be worth it trust me!!

Before then though we’ve got our crochetathon in memory of baby fern 🌿 where we will be spending the day crocheting item for babies born too soon, we would like to thank everyone that has donated items and yarn so far, it means the world to ferns family, Sarah ferns mum is raiding money for 2 very worth while charities, she’s doing this by getting crafty and selling boxed photo frames, they’re simply stunning please find her on Instagram and Facebook I’m struggling to add a link!! But here’s and example it’s just lovely

I was completely overwhelmed to receive this.

Anyway I promise not to leave it too long until my next post!!!!

Happy hooking xx

Update and a request for help….

Morning!!!  Well, its been a while again hasn’t it?  I really should put in much more effort.  But we have been busy!  I promise!

I think when I last posted we were about to go to Toft, well we did that… was nice to see Toft, although the weather wasn’t great and silly me went and worn sandals (still in holiday mode i think) so we didn’t do the alpaca walk

The yarn is absolutley lovely.  If I have to be 100% honest, I am not sure I would do a workshop again, the kits to buy are £24, with everything included, the workshop was £44 and we must of crocheted for about an hour once everyone finally got sorted, obviously we got a drink and a bit of cake, but just not quite sure where the other £20 was going, especially when the pack we got didn’t include black for the eyes or stuffing, but we did get a nice canvas bag (please don’t shoot me for being honest!)


It is well worth the trip wherever you are, its a beautiful place, and the shop is fabulous, some pics below

And I did treat  myself!  This book is fabulous!  I can’t wait to get some projects out of the way so I can make a start, @lyndascraftroom and I have said we are  going to make a toft doll of each other, just for the crack!


There are so many options!

Anyway on the day we did our little #crochetsanctuaryontour my niece Charlie was taken in to hospital for surgery to have her appendix removed, so I very quickly found a good home for Mabel bunny, I wasn’t overly keen on her and as I will be crocheting her again at  the September Crochet Sanctuary I thought I may aswell cheer Charlie up a little!


We’ve been busy working on our Autumn CAL for knitcraft, it was a slow start on this one, but now we are full steam ahead!  No pics yet though.

Anyway after finsihing Mabel I had some pink Merino yarn left over, far too good to throw away, and not quite enough for another project.  Plus Hobbycraft had a big sale on shadow box frames, tiny ones for £2 each!  So I made a few more hearts from the Merino and popped them in frames for gifts, I think they look fab!

On a more serious note

A bit  of a cry for help.  One of our ladies at our knitcraft social, unfortunatley almost two weeks ago, her beautiful baby Fern was born too soon.  Ferns mummy and family are overhwhelmed at the support they have received from the hospital, and the bundles of preemie clothing they received for Fern, albeit she was so small that even the preemie clothes were too big.  Ferns family want to give something back, Ferns mum and nan are both learning to crochet so that they can make tiny gestational clothes to give to the hosptial, and we as a group are going to help.  Its heartbreaking how small these clothes are.  I have made a hat and held it in my fingers so that you can see how small they are, this is for a 22 week gestation


I know exactly what you’re thinking.  Anyway, we really want to help Ferns family, they are such lovely people, so we will be holding a crohetathon in October.  And we are looking for yarn donations, Hobbycraft have already said they will help, and we have had some fabulous people in our lovely crochet community already making items to donate and offers of yarn to send too.  Can you help us?  Do you have any 4ply or dk baby yarn in your stash you can bare to part with?  Or do you have a spare 15 minutes to make one of these?  We have found an amazing blog, that have free patterns for babies of a gestation age, Mama that makes

If you can spare any time at all, and would like post them to us, the address is:

33 Vine Street, Widnes, Chehsire, UK, WA8 6DW

Anything you can do at all, would be brlliant.

Happy Hooking xx

It’s been a while!

Hello!! It has been a little while since my last blog, but I’ve been on my jollies, having some fabulous family time in the sun. Weeks running up to me going I was trying to get my day job finished, then some Crochet sanctuary stuff sorted, and designs! @lyndascraftroom and I have a few projects we are working on at the moment, including the autumn cal for Knitcraft, some bits for Marriner yarns which is exciting. You know we love Knitcraft yarns, well we also very much like Marriner. You should really take a look as they have some stunning yarns and very well priced. In fact I think they under price their yarn, which can often make people think it’s cheap or poor quality, but it’s not, they’ve got some good dk’ sand some fabulous chunky verigated yarns and beautiful cottons, have a look!

So we went to Bulgaria for 10 days, and stayed in Nessebar, I was very much hoping to find some yarn, but I did come across some ladies making a living from their crocheted items

That was all the crochet I found!! I didn’t get much done whilst I was away either, took plenty of wip but it was too hot.

Before I went away I had my granny square design released on the Hobbycraft blog

We were given a list of items to crochet using granny squares, I chose the hot water bottle, using Knitcraft in the zone, I love the bright colours and the yarn just glides over the hook, lovely stuff!

Then whilst I was away my Not so little box of crochet arrived!! My neighbour kindly took it in for me, oh wow!!!!

It’s amazing!!! It’s designed using intarsia crochet…….never tried it before, and I don’t think I will again! Thank goodness the pattern Said we could use tapestry, intarsia for me is just a mess at the back, and I wasn’t leaving a long enough piece of yarn, tapestry is much easier, I’m not posting a pic yet as I’ve only done about 6 row after frogging the intarsia! It’s beautiful though and I know Amanda still has some boxes so you should order!

We’ve only got 5 weeks until the next crochet sanctuary Yayy!!!! I’m so excited, it seems ages since the last one.

We’ve got the rather fabulous Heather from KCACOUK hosting our guest designer workshop on the Saturday afternoon, which I’m really looking forward to. And we’ve completely sold out until June 2019! What’s that about?! Who ever knew we’d sell weekends so quickly, and to think @lyndascraftroom and I were sick with nerves when we started! We do love it, and we have some amazing guests.

I’ve really missed not going to our Knitcraft social the last few weeks, so looking forward to going back on Saturday, it’ll be lovely to see everyone. Then! On Sunday @lyndascraftoom and I are off to Toft in Warwickshire, we’ve never been before, it was Lyndas birthday in July, so for her gift I booked us both in for a workshop to crochet Chablis the unicorn

Isn’t she gorgeous?! There is also an option to supersize her, so I’ll see how much it is, I’ve been a little naughty recently in terms of yarn 🙈 I can’t help myself.

I’ve still got my nameless blanket to finish, Sophie’s universe, 2 Sophie’s stools, a Mabel bunny from wool couture, primavera blanket oh jeez the list goes on and on! And now I’ve bought this!!

Couldn’t not to be honest! Sneaky little purchase while lying by the pool, ah well!! I really do nee to start concentrating on finishing some WIPs it’s starting to take over the whole house, and that’s without the crochet sanctuary deliveries. So we will see about Chablis!!

I think I’ve caught up…. oooh!!! I bought a sewing machine!! Made one bandana for the dog 😂 bought tonnes of material and tools, cutting boards, rotary cutter tailors chalk pins you know, everything I need, subscribed to sewing mags, got quite a few patterns, and I’ve done nothing….. but I will, I’m a bit scared I think! As my dad would say, ‘all the gear and no idea’

So yes I think I’ve caught up, will let you know how the toft workshop goes!!

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

It’s back!

Think my lack of crojo lasted about a week, which is pretty bad for me, I managed to get it back, I needed a pattern that would give me a push, so I went for my favourite Helen Shrimpton from Crystals and crochet and thought I’d try nameless for @lyndascraftroom birthday, I picked colours that kind of look a little unicorn-y, if that’s even a word!!

So I chose stylecraft saffron, aspen, fondant, white and magenta, and I’ve been hooking like my life depends on it, as her birthday is on 18th July!! I’m stupid really because my last helen blanket took me a month, so I started panicking and stressing a little and decided yesterday that I’ll never finish it in time, it’s hers but she’ll have it at a later date, and I’ve arranged something else just as exciting! So! I can share it!! Here it is so far, another 40+ rounds to go

I do love helens patterns, they’re intricate but she makes it easy.

On Saturday Lynda, Deborah from adorable amigurumi and our abby all paid a visit again to Mrs Johnson’s emporium in Blackpool, if you haven’t been go!!

It was a beautiful sunny day and this time I actually bought something!! Our abby has asked me to make some crocheted short dungarees, so I bought some very blue stylecraft cotton 4 ply and these gorgeous bee buttons to go on them!! Our abby is a little bee crazy to say the least

How cute are these?! I’ve done one and half legs so far, so hopefully they’ll be ready in time for our hols in 2 weeks.

I’ve also been watching and crocheting to Lottie and Albert podcast recently, we’ve been really lucky as Lindsey has agreed to host a guest designer workshop for us in February at The crochet sanctuary so thought I’d watch and find out a bit more, they’re very interesting, and worth a watch for sure. Anyway Lindsey showed some cushions she had made from some fat quarters and described how quick they were to make, I was quite inspired and thought, I should really sew, I should teach myself……well a little over enthusiastically I bought a sewing machine online, it arrived yesterday

Now I’m petrified to open it!! I’ve printed off some practice sheets, bought some stunning fat quarters from Hobbycraft and of course abby had to help….and of course they’ve got bees on them!

Who knows what I’m going to do with these, it’s like a foreign language! I supposed id best start with getting my machine out, at some point!!

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

Crochet constipation

Happy July!!! Isn’t this weather just amazing? But Urrrrghhhhh I’ve sooooo lost my crojo, after finishing helen shrimpton cosmic CAL I’ve been unable to find any enthusiasm in crochet at all! I’ve started so many projects, bought too many patterns and none of them are getting me going again! I’ve got so many wip too and again none of those are doing the trick.

I thought I’d try the Lilly blanket

Lovely isn’t it? What I didn’t realise is it’s made out of lots of small triangular motifs, and I quickly got bored.

Then I tried helen shrimptons nameless, got to round 7 and didn’t like the Daisy’s.

Then I thought I’d try this

Karroo vintage MAL, wasn’t quite keen on the way the pattern is written, so scrapped that idea.

Then a sirdar beach wrap, got bored of that very quickly.

Then about 4 drops designs, but those patterns are not the easiest to follow are they?!?!

Then I bout some beautiful rico cotton from blacksheep to make a drops pattern I can follow, but now I’ve done the intricate work that’s started to bore me.

Then yesterday I got so excited to start one of these little rico patterns

Started with Karl the bunny, finished the head and two ears, yet one ear is massively longer than the other! So I’ve now scrapped that……what’s wrong with me?!

I’m not sure what I want to be honest, but it’s not like me at all, i did finish my little box of crochet coastal shawl, but since then nothing

A brilliant design by @coastalcrochet and the little box of crochet was amazing!!

On a positive note we’ve only got 1 February 2019 place available for a crochet sanctuary weekend, and we’ve managed to secure Lindsey Newns from Lottie and Albert!!! As our guest designer, which is fabulous!!!

We’ve also got all of our other designers lined up for next year!! Apart from November Christmas event but I’m sure we’ll find someone equally amazing for then too.

Anyway, if anyone finds my crojo can they let me know? I’m missing it massively!!

Happy hooking xx

Cosmic CAL

Hello! Well, I’ve finished my cosmic CAL! Now it’s done I am still not 100% sure on my colours, but it’s not like it has to suit my home, it’s more for placing over one of the sofas at the Crochet Sanctuary, we can never have too many blankets.

I really enjoyed working on cosmic, there were some rows I just couldn’t wait to end, but they’re worth it.

After June’s Crochet Sanctuary we had a lot of people asking for the patterns for the tea cosys, not @lyndascraftroom and I have very different tastes and styles, I think that’s why we work so well together. So when we decided on the theme Lynda decided to go for a Mad Hatter style, I love it, I love the detail she’s put in, she’s good at detail!

Look at the hat!

And the teabag!

I went for a more traditional style but using my favourite colours

Anyway, we had lots of people asking for the patterns so we’ve popped them on our new Etsy store The Crochet Sanctuary we made two sales 😂 ah, well, it’s the first time we’ve sold a pattern so we’re quite happy with that for now!

The Crochet Sanctuary

Yesterday we decided that it might be a good idea to run just a 1 day Sanctuary, purely for day passes, we’ve never done just a day before, but the day passes go so quickly and lots of people miss out, so we’ve arranged a one day event on 1st December, we’ll be duplicating the workshop we run during the November Sanctuary, anyway we had 13 day passes, and they gone, all within 36 hours! Never ever did we ever think they would sell out so quickly!!!

We’ve also released dates for 2019! February, April, June, September and November again, although we may throw in the odd single day in between each weekend, we shall see!

We’ve both finished a couple of other projects this week, but I can’t show you yet!

So after successfully crocheting my gorgeous girl a dress for our holiday she’s now asked me to make these!

I’ve pinched the photo from the Hobbycraft blog 😬😬 bought my yarn and I think tomorrow night I’ll crack on with these gorgeous little shorts so they’re ready for next month.

That’s about it really, things are exciting, and some fabulous stuff in the pipeline!

Happy Hooking xx

What a weekend!

We are exhausted! But it was soooo worth it! It’s been fabulous it really has.

We started at 5pm on Friday evening and each of guests received a scheepjes whirl each, we had carried out a Poll on social media a few weeks ago so that we could find out what people’s favourite colours are, and we bought the top 5 colours. We wanted to do this because so many of us, including myself have bought whirls and left them on the shelf, only to bring them down every now and again for a squish and a sniff! Because they’re so expensive!!

We had bought scheepjes whirl patterns for everyone, which I must say were a little bit of a disappointment, one lot we bought had crochet terms written on the front, but inside they were knit patterns??!?!?! Wtf?! So we couldn’t use them and luckily did check prior to handing them out, we also had the stormy day shawl patten, which is fine, but the other one we had just didn’t make any senses at all, I swear scheepjes write them in Dutch then just translate them without testing, so they will be getting some stern words from me tomorrow! The majority of us ended up c2c with our whirls which was great, I’ve never considered c2c with a whirl.

Saturday morning was just fabulous!! @lyndascraftroom and I had planned an Alice in wonderland and mad hatters tea party theme and it was amazing!!! @lyndascraftroom popped on her bunny ears and her pocket watch, we had 23 people stood outside the sanctuary door waiting for us to unlock it, but in runs Lynda shouting ‘I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!’ I then opened the door wearing my mad hatters hat! Ha!!!

I did have to try on Lyndas bunny ears though

Anyway here’s a few pics

Lynda had gone to the effort of deco patching the sign and the bunny too!

We had created a tea party with a mixture of crocheted cakes, and real cakes, The at little box of crochet tea cups, which I love! And of course our tea pots!!

So as the guests came into the room they were each handed a gift bag, which included lots of our usual bits and bobs but it also included some gorgeous biscuits, tea from the old English tea company and of course a tea pot!

For our workshop we gave a choice of crocheting either @lyndascraftroom funky mad hatter tea pot design, or my more traditional design, or they could do both?! We used scheepjes softfun for the cosy base and then Yarn & Colors mini must haves for decorating each one.

Lyndas even had a little mad hatter hat on it with 10/6 embroidered onto it, and a tea bag hanging out, it was fabulous!!

And for left overs we had a macaroon pattern, but I don’t think anyone got that far!

In the afternoon we had Lynne Rowe from the wool nest as our guest designer, I wish I’d taken more photos but I was so wiped out after our mindfulness session! I almost fell asleep, it was very relaxing, the only thing that kept me awake was my fear of letting out a snore 😂

Lynne had an array of scrap yarn in tonnes of colours, and she created what almost looked like a colour wheel, unintentionally she said! We each had to create a card with our favourite colours and one with colours we didn’t like, it was very interesting, we then made some gorgeous mini mandalas, it really was a very useful workshop.

In the evening we carried on with our teapot cosies and our whirls which was lovely

And today, again everyone had a choice to carry on with their whirls or tea cosies, or, they could have a go at crocheting with raffia yarn, which I rather like using, it’s not quite as harsh on your hands as you think!

Anyway, it’s been a fabulous weekend, I’m pooped!

Happy hooking

Lisa xxxx

Crochet Now Magazine

@lyndascraftroom and I are just a tad excited this morning, we’re like kids on Christmas morning, firstly because it’s The Crochet Sanctuary tomorrow, thirdly we’ve released new dates for next year, and already sold out of day passes for November 2019! Like wow!

We must be doing something right! We haven’t even publicised it, we only sent a mail shot out to guests that have attended before, to give them first dibs, and we’ve got bookings for each and every month!

And lastly…..because……we are in this months Crochet Now Magazine! Jeez!!!!! Us! Our water garden cal, is actually good enough to be mentioned in a magazine!

Never ever did we think anything of ours would go into a magazine, like ever.

But there you go it’s there, and I’m off for another squeal, and to start packing for tomorrow evening!!

Happy hooking lisa xx