I suppose I have always had an interest in things crafty, arty farty etc.  but you know what its like once you’ve left education, work, marriage, kids, house, work, work, work, there is almost no escape!  I needed an escape.  Pip my mini schnauzer had been for her pamper, must of been November/December time as it was freezing and the poor girl was shaking, so I thought, oohh I wonder if I can make her a jumper, got hubby up in the loft as I knew I had some crochet hooks and old yarn tucked away up there from some magazine subscription I tried and didn’t get on with.

Anyway, I’d never read a pattern in my life, so I started with searching on google and youtube about how I could possibly make a doggy jumper, well it was a pure disaster, I made it, but it didn’t fit, and I didn’t have a clue.

The next day (determined) I took myself off to hobby craft, and bought a crochet kit (hot water bottle) suitable for beginners!  Beginners?!  Are you having a laugh!  It came with a pattern!  ‘DC, DC2TOG’ Whaattt!   Back youtube, anyway, I’ve still not started or completed the water bottle cover but I did find Youtube an absolute godsend, but don’t do what I did and get mixed up between US and UK……yep, but we all make mistakes, but if I can do it so can you!

Since then, I have started to take part in a lot CAL’s Emma Blanket by Deramores, Jane Crowfoots Lilly Pond and Sue Pinners Carousel blanket.  I have started to make clothing for my family too!  I have even started a small crochet group for like minded people at Hobby Craft in Warrington, 10:30 every Saturday morning, purely because I need crochet friends!