Street art with ‘meaning’

I have never yarn bombed before, have you?  I’ve never even thought about it before, and I’ve never wondered about it before, until today either.  Sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs, but apparently it is a form of street art, but with meaning.  What meaning?  I suppose any kind of meaning.  Then I got thinking Why do we crochet?  Why do you crochet?  Why do I crochet?

I crochet because I like to give, don’t get me wrong I love the process of crocheting too, I first started it to give myself some me time, some time out from this crazy rat race of a world we live in, but then when I started to complete things and give them away to friends and family I found that I really enjoyed giving my finished items to people, and perhaps made them feel better.  I thrive off of the appreciation I get, but also knowing that I might of just made someones day, that they know that I made that item for them, and that I thought about them none stop whilst I was crocheting that item, feels good doesn’t it, to give.


So back to the yarn bombing thing, I won’t bore you to death about the history of yarn bombing, I won’t be the first person to of blogged about it for sure, but I like that it is described at street art ‘with meaning’ what if we could yarn bomb and make that meaning more profound? What if we could really give it some real meaning to someone, someone we don’t know?  A complete stranger?

Imagine someone walking through a park having a really shitty day, or week, month, year and they come across your beautiful piece of crochet, imagine that attached to that piece of crochet was a tag and that tag had something nice written on it, just something that made them smile, or something to inspire them, something that could really change their day, their mindset, or something nice for them to tell someone else, ‘Look at how lovely this is, I found it in the park today, look at the note on it, how thoughtful is that?’ how nice would that feel?


So its just a thought really, if you are considering going out yarn bombing, why not add a little tag to it, it could really change someones day……I’ve put together some basic tags with some meaningful words, just in case you fancied using them…Yarn Bombing  1Yarn Bombing 2

Anyway, it was just a bit of food for thought.


Happy Hooking xx


8 thoughts on “Street art with ‘meaning’

  1. PaperPuff says:

    I must live under a rock because I had not heard of this!! It is such a great idea. The tags too, so the finder knows it is intended to be taken. Brilliant!

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  2. MrsCraft says:

    A great idea! I am doing 40 Acts for Lent and one of the acts was giving away chocolate. I left a note with mine and sure enough later that day a post appeared on our village Facebook group from a very happy person who’d found it. I didn’t own up, but I did ‘like’ the post. I’d quite like to make something small and leave it to be found. 😊

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