Summer list – in 7 weeks?! 

I’m so pleased with my sirdar summer top (so far) it’s my first ever piece of clothing I’ve made, and it’s the first item I’ve ever made for myself, I want to make more! So I’ve been on the hunt for patterns that I can make in cool cotton yarns so they can be worn during our Florida holiday which is in literally 7 weeks time! Here’s a few I’ve found:

Now I don’t really like the Colours there’s a few too many for me, but I’m thinking corals and whites? This pattern is from sue pinned granny square book, only problem is the pattern only goes to a size 10 UK size! So looks like I’ll be making this one for my daughter!

I love this one! The perfect beach cover up, again I’m not keen on the colours and again I think I’d be using coral and white or single colours of coral, white, black, hot pink, lovely Isn’t it!

I really like this one, but I think I’d have to change the yarn they recommend, to a pure cotton, I don’t want to be getting too hot!

Now this is lovely! I need to make this although I’ve not got the pattern for it yet, so might be further down the list, coral again?! 

This is definitely on the list, I like the colour, yarn looks as though it could be a little warm, could look good with white linen shorts

I like this, but I’m a little tired of doing the top half of the pattern on this as this is what my sirdar summer top mostly consists of, I’d have to use a different colour too, but it’s an option

This one is really nice, it looks as though there’s a lot of work that will need to go into it but the end result would be well worth it, and I’m thinking a nice white.

Again I’m newish to crochet (less than 12th months!) and blogging about crochet, I don’t get paid by anyone for posting, I’m not linked to any company I post about, I’m just passionate about crochet and I just like sharing my ideas and work.  Happy Hooking! X


My Little Box of Crochet arrived!!!

I was soooo dissapointed when the postman arrived yesterday with no box, but it’s here now! And it’s absolutely lovely! It’s like sending yourself a little gift full of treats, this months now comes with:

  1. Booklet including pattern
  2. Little box of crochet notebook
  3. Little box of crochet pen
  4. Korutumi stitch marker which I love
  5. Bodkin
  6. Beautiful yarns from Three Bears Yarn
  7. Theeeeee most gorgeous wooden button!!

And if you can’t read it too well it says ‘had you in my heart when I made this’

I’m going to pack it all away nicely for the time being though, I’ve nearly finished my sirdar summer top, just got to finish the top of the front, then some short sleeves, then I’ve got to dampen and block?! Anyone ever heard of this before? As you know I’m a real novice so for you other novices out there I think I’ll blog about blocking next, hubby is going to make me a blocking board so I’ll wait until it’s finished!  Then of course mums summer sirdar top, then I’ve got my eye on a few other bits I want to make for my hols, then I think I’ll get stuck into this months box! Next months will probably of arrived by the time I get to it!

Anyway just incase you fancy treating yourself to a box have a nosey below

So exciting!

Each months box comes in a different colour, always lovely!

See so gorgeously wrapped! I so deserve this ☺️

Tad ah!!!! Excuse the mess of the desk, I’m supposed to be working……..

And check this out!!! Little ice cream stitch maker by Korutumi they make the most gorgeous crochet hooks and stitch markers, I’ve not personally bought any but Amanda always sends on in her box. 

Ooh if you want to check out some of Amanda’s boxes click on Little Box of Crochet
Best get back to work really!  Happy hooking! X

I need crochet time!

I have so many things I’m itching to crochet, but very little time!!! I’m 75% way through my sirdar summer top, as soon as that’s done I need to make one for my mum, then I really want to get stuck into some Twinkie Chan patterns, I’ve not bought her book yet (crocheted abode a la mode)

but it looks amazing, although I rushed out to buy issue 45 of simply crochet last week as it has Twinkie chans doughnut footstool/pouffe pattern in there, and my daughter is desperate for me to make it for her, have a look! I can’t wait to get started on it

Twinkie is fanatical about crocheting food, here’s some of her others

How cute are these!!!

I seriously need to buy the book!
Happy hooking! X

The wee house of crochet first ever blog!

Work done, tea done, feet up and crochet out!  I’ve got exactly 7 weeks and 5 days until my holiday to Florida.  Normal my crochet is always for everyone else, so this my first item just for me! And it’s sirdar sunny sweater, the pattern shows it in sundance 507, but I’m using a more of a biscuit/gold Colorado, in paton dk 100% cotton and it is Devine to crochet with, so easy to see your stitches and feels so expensive! I’ve completed one half just on the second, then I’ve to start on one for my mum in pure white, isn’t it gorgeous! The Paton DK is really light and not heavy, so I’m hoping it will feel good to wear one evening in Florida.  I’m also going to alter the pattern slightly and go for 3/4 length sleeves.

I’m also really excited I’m waiting on June’s little box of crochet by Amanda bloom, it looks lovely!   If you’ve not tried a box from amanda I’d highly recommend getting one, as you know I’m still a baby when it comes to crochet, but last months little box of crochet was a washer, a rather beautiful washer, the technique used was tapestry crochet, it was the first time use tried it and I loved it, have a nosey at some of the boxes you won’t be dissapointed In fact there’s a picture below of my wash cloth 


Isn’t it just gorgeous!! Also Amanda kindly included some lovely soap, so every time I worked on my washer all I could smell was the soap….delish!  So if you really fancy treating yourself make your way over to Little Box of Crochet

Anyway, I’m rather desperate to get on to my next project over and out X